• Short Stories and Manuscripts
  • Articles and Web Content
  • Business Writing
  • Critique Sessions


Whether your short story or novel needs another set of eyes, your business copy needs tweaking, or your critique group could use a boost, we can help.

We can do simple line edits and proofreading, or full content edits with style, voice, and content recommendations.  While we can edit to any standard (AP, APA, Chicago, etc.), we use the Gregg Manual style by default.

If you run a critique group (or would like to start one), we would love to work with you on how to get the most out of your review sessions. Our tried and true methods are used an endorsed by the country’s only academic program focused on popular fiction, countless successful workshops and retreats, and the city’s premiere speculative fiction writing group. We’d love to run a session for your library, writing group / writing circle, or student collective and show you how successful your group can be. 

Pricing varies greatly from project to project, and we are happy to offer project pricing. Our hourly rate for most projects is $50.00, though we’d prefer to quote on a per-project basis.

Here are some sample project rates to use as a guideline:

  • Proofreading and copy editing: $10-$25 per page
  • Manuscript evaluation with sample editing section: $25 to $150 per page
  • Structural and stylistic editing: $50+ per page
  • Facilitated group critique session with up to 10 participants and a mini “How to Critique Effectively” workshop: $250
  • We can complete work as a “rush order,” but a 25% upcharge will apply over the normal rate.