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LitFantastic provides a variety of learning options for authors of all stripes and experience levels. Check our calendar for upcoming workshops at conventions and festivals, or schedule a special engagement at your location. We have a library of courses already prepared, but our decades of instructional design and teaching experience enable us to easily produce and tailor custom programming to meet your needs. In addition, we can help you run or refine critique or feedback sessions and writer round tables, as well as providing one-on-one assistance to those who need it.

Rates for workshops vary. If you find us at an event, we’re probably free – but check the event’s website for more information.If you want to hire us to come to you, it all depends on how long a session you want (we can do one, two, four, or six hour sessions, or something custom) and how many attendees you expect.

 Here are some basic fees to use as guidelines:

  • Three-hour, hands-off workshop with up to ten participants: $250*
  • Three-hour hands-on workshop with up to ten participants: $350*

*These costs are for our time only, not for any venue rental fees.

Whether you’re a short story writer, an author with a book in the works, an RPG writer or GM, a teacher or librarian, a critique group leader, we can help.

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